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Own the disruption

We work with CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs and other members on C-level to explore the drivers of business disruption and then frame creative, advantageous business and operating model transformations designed to capitalize on disruption and maximize the value generated by key company capabilities.

Designing, implementing, and following a comprehensive business transformation strategy that help your organization remain agile and responsive in a highly competitive environment.

We create value by integrating business discipline and strategic ideation with creativity and innovation.

Strategy Advisory

Designing, implementing, and following a comprehensive business transformation strategy that help your organization remain agile and responsive in a highly competitive environment.

Operations Advisory

Improving the efficiency of entire value chain by developing and implementing target operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programmes and optimizing business processes.

Tech Advisory

Using technology to meet business objectives and overcome technical barriers integrating technology domains such as ERP, PLM, MOM, Automation and I/IOT.

XaaS Advisory

"Anything-as-a-Service" implementation models to quickly launch and realize new applications and business processes.

Design Thinking

We leverage the principles of Design Thinking across your company to significantly increase innovative ability.

Lean Ux

A combination of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile approaches to manage human-centric innovation.

Industry Focus

Aluminium Smelting and Casting
Steel Smelting and Casting
Food & Beverage
Mining & Refining
Clothing and Textile
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Successful Projects
Years Experience

Gerhard is one of South Africa’s leading experts when it comes to digitalization and digital enterprise topics. He also has great ability to consult with clients in order to delivery personalized value. Not only is he technical but he also possesses business and consulting acumen.

Mashudu Mulaudzi
Mashudu Mulaudzi Strategy Consultant at Siemens South Africa

I have known Gerhard since the latter part of the 1990s where he reported to me and when he was involved in supporting the Oracle MES implementation of a client in the metals smelting industry. Over the years he has developed his technical competence in the digital technological area, developing his career to achieving the responsible position of Digital Enterprise Director. I have learnt to know Gerhard as a dedicated and hard worker, who can successfully engage at business levels from shop floor to boardroom. He is friendly, operates with integrity and can speak with confidence about the technical subjects that he represents. I commend him in his achievements and would not hesitate to recommend his consulting abilities in any Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Vernon Randall Contracts Administration at ALIZENT

I worked together with Gerhard in several project implementations and presales in the southern of Africa. I am impressed about the Manufacturing Operations Management with interoperability to the supply chain competence of Gerhard, both for production and quality operations, mainly in metals and mining industry. Gerhard is a team player involving missing competences in the organisation, getting things done and is very customer driven in order to realize successful Digital Enterprise references.

Dirk Ronsijn
Dirk Ronsijn R&D Senior Consultant at Siemens

Gerhard is one of the very few people - I ever met from the IT & industrial IT business – who is not selling a fancy story (cloud cuckoo land) but telling a crystal clear picture (broad knowledge-based context). Successful digitalization projects – from ERP to actor/sensor level – depend on experienced and sophisticated system architects, as Gerhard. He is my advisor of choice!

Hans-Juergen Pelloth
Hans-Juergen Pelloth Corporate Account Manager Anglo American

I have known Gerhard for a number of years now and initially connected due to my own struggles as the “IT Guy” to make the digital transition from pure internal IT to IT/OT convergence and involve our IT team with external customer-facing digital transformation projects, which Gerhard supported me with. Gerhard could easily play the role of CIO for a company due to his extensive IT knowledge and understanding of tech. However, it is his experience and understanding of the external customers challenges, be it in the mining industry, food and beverage or other industrial areas that make Gerhard a very scarce and invaluable asset to any team that wants to take traditional industrial automation to the next level and truly add new value through end-to-end digital transformation. Highly recommended!

Markus Bender
Markus Bender CIO Siemens Southern Africa

I had an engagement with Gerhard during research into "Socially Responsible Digital Leadership". Gerhard is a seasoned digital professional with great insight, vision and commitment towards the sustainable application of digital technologies in society.

Dr. Francois Volschenk
Dr. Francois Volschenk Chief Digital Innovator at IoT.nxt

I had engagement/interview with Gerhard, discussing on Industrie 4.0. From our interaction, Gerhard proved to be well knowledgeable and grounded on automation and digitization concepts. I gained relevant and useful insights from him on Industrie 4.0 technologies and business and operation systems. He proved to know and understand MOM, ERP, APS, PLM, PDM, PPS, PDA, SCM to mention just but few.

After my engagement with Gerhard, I had a clearer understanding of what digitization and digitalization is all about and how to measure organization readiness for the Industrie 4.0.

On another hand, Gerhard has excellent personal skills. He is self motivated, dedicated and technical competent.

Whisper Maisiri
Whisper Maisiri Lecturer (M.Eng,), CEM, ECSA, SAIIE

Gerhard is a "Can do" person. He gets involved with a project and do whatever it takes to complete successfully. He is methodical and thorough delivering excellent quality work. Definitely a person you want to work with.

Pieter Theron
Pieter Theron Partner/Director at PwC South Africa

I have worked with Gerhard for many years, he has great insight, passion, knowledge and experience with regards to MOM systems. He also knows the aspects of Industry 4.0 extremely well. I enjoy working with with him, because he is always helpful, provides much guidance, is a good team player and is a good leader

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson Portfolio Consulting Professional at Siemens

I know Gerhard Hattingh from a professional working capacity since working together on a blueprint Manufacturing Execution System (MES) project in 2014. I was impressed with the hard work and dedication in making the project a tremendous success, along with further eagerness to assist in building my career through public presentations What stood out most from working together, was the kindness and passion. Gerhard works with a great 'can-do' attitude and was always willing to listen to my ideas. His depth of knowledge in the automation area could not be ignored, together with his ability to manage multiple teams of people with great success. Gerhard's continued success as overall Project Manager was inspiring. I wish him the best in his future endeavors and can endorse and recommend him for scoping and implementing a project first of its kind.

Hilde Volschenk
Hilde Volschenk Advisory Manager at PwC

Gerhard is a deep rooted Business Analyst. His project role and work in the MES / MIS arena we worked one was invaluable. He provided perspectives and solutions that were really beneficial to the developers and the clients expectations. His knowledge of Oracle, ERP and other IT business processes, requirements elicitation were a source of wealth to the team. He helped provide focus on the solutions at all times and was a very positive influence to his colleauges. He never overpowered or intimidated them with his experience or knowledge but always encouraged them to to look beyond the obvious or the problem at hand. He has integrity and committment to see any problem turn into a solution and then to further improve the solution. Quiet spoken but authorative, I relish the opportunity to work alongside him again in the future.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott Project Manager

Gerhard is an MES specialist. He is excellent with customers and has an exceptional work ethic. Gerhard is an asset to the team, and leads by example.

Anesh Sewpersad
Anesh Sewpersad Senior Account Manager at Siemens

Gerhard is a hard working manager that understands his business. He can suggest solutions, implement them and can deliver under pressure. At the same time he manages his personnel well, gives them opportunities to learn and excel.

Johan Maartens
Johan Maartens Director at SAIMC NPC

I have known Gerhard for more than a year now , while working in the same operating company of Siemens. His understanding of IT world and manufacturing shopfloor really helped us in our discussion with customers in understanding their need. While working with one of the global edible oil customer he successfully led digitalization maturity workshop and analyzed customer's business need with their current digitalization maturity level to provide a digitalization report. His expertise was also helpful for a global dairy customer to understand major digitalization requirement for their processing floor. I believe he has very good understanding on R&D, Warehouse, Manufacturing Operations and IIoT solutions. I enjoyed working with him as he is very collaborative and focused. His expertise in the subject area always gave me confidence to successfully support Siemens customers. I wish Gerhard a very successful professional career!!

Munish Kumar Choudhary
Munish Kumar Choudhary F&B Portfolio Consulting at Siemens